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Whether for the Loft, Bunk, Library or Tiny House we can make it. As standard they are made form Pine however other more exotic timbers are available, American White Oak and American White Ash.

We make to order so all sizes and designs considered.

Normally supplied as a plain unpainted or unstained Ladder.

Standard Ladders are 2.5 meters high with an overall width of 420mm. The uprights are 90 x 45, steps are 90 x 19 reset into the uprights by 10mm, glued and screwed with 75mm long screws, so very strong.

Others seizes and designs available. See photos.

If you have specific requirements, please contact us, we can help.

Because of the various length,width and weight of the ladders delivery is not included.

Please ask for a delivery price before confirming your purchase.

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